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Dale County School Zone Maps
Posted On:
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Attached to this story are maps for the Dale County School zones.  There is a Master map showing the entire district and separate maps for each school zone.  The school zone maps are more detailed with street names, road numbers, etc.  The maps are color coded as follows;

Ariton - Orange

G W Long - Red

Dale County/Midland City/South Dale - Blue

Newton - Yellow


All Zones


Ariton Zone - All


Ariton Zone - North


Ariton Zone - Central


Ariton Zone - South


GW Long Zone - All


GW Long Zone - North


GW Long Zone - Central


GW Long Zone - South


Newton Zone - All


Newton Zone - Jasmine Hills


Newton Zone - North


Newton Zone - Central


Newton Zone - South


South Dale Zone - All


South Dale Zone - North


South Dale Zone - Central


South Dale Zone - South